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Rock Creek Park

Some good examples of the Mixed Oak / Heath Forest can be seen

1) from the Meadow Link Trail at the top of the hill, and

2) between Picnic Area 19 and the Western Ridge Trail.

You can also see it by following the White Horse Trail southeast of the Rock Creek Park Horse Center (near the Nature Center). Look for a forest of mixed oaks.

A variation with mostly chestnut oak in the canopy and with heavily-browsed hillside blueberry in the understory can be seen in the Nature Center parking lot. It looks like Chestnut Oak / Mountain Laurel Forest but with no mountain laurel in the understory.

Map tip: To locate these places along trails, go to the interactive map of Rock Creek Park and search for "good places," or search for place names like "horse center" or "nature center."

Area Occupied: 115.6 acres (46.8 hectares)
map of Mixed Oak / Heath Forest in Rock Creek Park