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Rock Creek fish ladder at Peirce Mill Dam

Rock Creek Fish Ladder

Man-made obstacles in Rock Creek blocked migrating fish from reaching their ancestral spawning grounds for over a century. Clever solutions now make it possible for herring and shad to finally come back home.


A Basic Mesic Hardwood Forest in Melvin Hazen Valley, Rock Creek Park

Natural Community: Basic Mesic Hardwood Forest

This community grows in nutrient-rich soils, and may have a lush look compared to nearby natural communities.

New leaves of white oak

Natural Community: Coastal Plain Oak Forest

If you trace the historic Civil War defenses circling Washington, D.C., you will find this forest east of Rock Creek.

Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest

Natural Community: Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest

This natural community, wide-ranging in Rock Creek Park, is peacefully pleasing to the eye.

Smooth American beech bark, with grafitti

Natural Community: Oak - Beech / Heath Forest

In this natural community on steep hillsides lives the American beech tree, whose smooth bark is susceptible to unwanted graffiti.


Natural Community: Red Maple Seepage Swamp

The most high-profile member of the Red Maple Seepage Swamp is the aptly named skunk-cabbage.

Sycamore leaves

Natural Community: Tuliptree Small-Stream Floodplain Forest

Rising water and changing stream beds aren't enough to stop this natural community. It thrives on the shifting landscape that Rock Creek brings!

Monarch on Lobelia, by Matt Jones

Monarchs in the Meadow

Pollinators like monarch butterflies get a boost with habitat preservation.

Chestnut blight on American chestnut tree

Species Spotlight: American Chestnut

Eastern North American forests are profoundly changed because of a fungus that attacks the American chestnut tree.

Tuliptree leaves and flowers

Species Spotlight: Tuliptree

Trees get wiped out, and what’s an eastern U.S. forest to do? Never fear, the tuliptree is here to fill the sunny gaps!