An Extra Set of Eyes (Rock Creek Park)

Emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) is a threat to Rock Creek Park's ash trees along streams and in mesic natural communities.
Photographer: Leah Bauer, USDA FS Northern Research Station,
It takes a village to keep natural communities healthy. Alert Rock Creek Park staff if you see any of the following along the trail:

  • diseased vegetation
  • infestations by non-native insect pests
  • infestations by non-native plants, especially Early Detection Rapid Response species
  • dumped mattresses, tires, appliances and other environmentally damaging trash
  • unauthorized trails
  • homeless camps
  • issues with stormwater runoff
  • anything that looks amiss.

If you do see something you’d like to share, make a note of your location and jot down a description of what you see. If possible, take a picture. Contact Rock Creek Park's Chief of Resources Management at 202-895-6010.

For more about what to look for, explore the Plants and Animals section or the Current Water and Land Use section under Stewardship and Ecological Threats of Rock Creek Park.

If you happen across a display of wildflowers or other beautiful scene, Park staff would probably enjoy hearing about that too!